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What the Internet Won’t Tell You About A Big Bear Property

The internet has changed a lot of things in our industry over the past 10 years. When I first started selling real estate in 1999 (which wasn't THAT long ago) everyone relied on printed MLS books which were issued every other week as their primary source for current information. Yes, we did have an MLS online, but with dial-up it was a pain in the neck looking up stuff and the old MLS didn't even have photos online! It was very archaic. Fast forward to 2011, within seconds a potential buyer can "google earth" a … [Read more...]

Patty’s Picks of the Week

Want to know some of the best properties in Big Bear to purchase this week? Simply click on the highlighted property to see the details of these "best in show" properties. Under $100K: 492 Santa Barbara: This is a quaint, charming property that sits on a 5,000 sq.ft nicely treed, corner fenced lot. It is also a Fannie Mae property that has extra incentives for primary,  second home and investment purchasers. $100K-$200K: 300 Tiger Lily: This full log home sits on a roomy 5,000 sq. ft. lot with ski slopes … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate Market Predictions 2011 for Buyers

I specialize in working with real estate buyers in Big Bear Lake, CA where 2nd homes in a resort town makeup a majority of our market sales. This is an interesting article I came across with some insight of what we may expect for this 2011 real estate market. In the article, Tara-Nicholle Nelson has put this in four categories. 1. Prices and mortgage rates will stay low in most areas. This is good news for Buyers! This formula is perfect for the lowest monthly payment and will help Buyers have a chance to get … [Read more...]

Does Your Big Bear Lake Cabin have a Wood Shake Roof?

If so, you may be interested in this. Effective July 1, 2012, all homeowners within the City of Big Bear Lake, have to remove wood shake/shingle roofs from their property (in compliance with Big Bear Lake city ordinance 2007-373).  The ordinance was approved back in July of 2007 in an attempt to reduce structural fires with fire-resistant materials. In conjunction with this ordinance, the City of Big Bear Lake/Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District received funding from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services … [Read more...]

It’s All About the Inventory

Selling Real Estate is not what I do. What I do is study inventory and market conditions. I then provide this information to buyers and sellers so that they can make sound financial decisions. It's that simple. The single most important quality of a Real Estate agent is their ability to study and retain information regarding the inventory of homes in the market they work in.  Period. An agent that doesn't know the inventory will soon fail. It amazes me that agents try to learn the inventory after they get a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Home in Big Bear Lake

If you have considered a mountain property, here are 10 great reasons to purchase a home now in Big Bear Lake. 1.  Interest Rates are at an all time low! Today's rates are near 4.30%, which is free money to anyone who remembers the rates 20-30 years ago.  The lower the rate, the lower your monthly mortgage payment. 2.  Prices are the lowest they have been since 2003 - while they still may go down a little more, any hike up in the interest rate is bound to negate any savings by waiting. 3. Big Bear Lake has a … [Read more...]

What are you looking for in a Big Bear Cabin?

I see more and more clients that are hoping to find the best deal, the one they think will be just sitting out their waiting for them to come along. Some buyers actually are looking for a cabin without the help of a local agent.  This must be very frustrating. It reminds me of shopping at a big box retailer. I just wander around until I find what I am looking for. It takes me twice as long, but I know it is a waste of time to ask one of the clerks for help, since they have little knowledge of any of the products … [Read more...]

Is Your Big Bear Realtor a Local, or a Tourist?

Using a Realtor that lives and works out of the Big Bear area, is like hiring a tourist as a site seeing guide. They can't tell you about the history of the homes that you are interested in since they have never seen them before. Chances are, they may not even be able to find them to show them to you. They may not know the difference between a raised perimeter foundation and a slab. They might tell you that all areas of Big Bear are the same. How can they tell you about the recent homes that have sold, when they … [Read more...]

Big Bear Short Sales? Don’t Waste Your Time!

If you don't see the embedded video, click here. If you are looking for a deal in Big Bear, focus on the homes that can be sold. In 2009, 80 short sale homes actually closed escrow. That is 9% of the 893 homes that closed in the Big Bear MLS. Currently there are 66 short sale listings that are in Pending, Active Contingent, or Contingent Status. That's 39% of the total Pending, Active Contingent, or Contingent Status (170). Anyone want to guess what percentage of these will actually get accepted by the bank … [Read more...]

Improve Your Price, and Improve Your Selling Opportunities.

The Big Bear Real Estate Market is not unlike any other market - Price is still the best indication of value. The most important piece of information your Realtor will provide is the market price. Get ahead of it, and you will be on your way to your next Real Estate destination. Spending time or money on improvements that a buyer may or may not want will cost a seller big money in a market that is falling. Get the home clean, remove the clutter from the yard and interior, paint with neutral colors if needed, … [Read more...]