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Previewing Homes Online Is Less Than Effective

Finding homes online is not the most effective use of time for a buyer. Yes it's interesting, yes it's entertaining, but it is a less than effective way to really shop for a home. By far the most valuable time you can spend looking at homes is to actually have all of the information and physically visiting each home and neighborhood. Doing this with an experienced Realtor will even be better. Most buyers will understand this very well once they are able to look with an agent that really knows the inventory and … [Read more...]

Vacant Land in Big Bear is Soooo 2003.

How hard is it to sell vacant land in today's real estate market in Big Bear?  Take a look at the chart below... There's been a dramatic shift in the number of vacant land sales over the past several years.  In 2003, our MLS recorded 602 total vacant land sales. '04 we had 514 vacant land sales.  '05 we had 482.  It wasn't until the turn of 2007 that we saw a dramatic drop in number of sales.  We went from 365 total vacant land sales in 2006 to 186 in 2007.  And to top it off, 2008 dropped sharply with only 72 … [Read more...]

Supply of Homes for Sale in Big Bear Flat in 2009

It seems like most people who monitor the real estate market look at the number homes sold each month to gauge how the market is doing.  On our site, Tyler does a great job of breaking down all of the sales...he looks at the number of bank owned homes compared to organic sales, month vs. month sales, year over year sales...there's a lot of useful information packed into a couple paragraphs. But looking from a different angle, I thought I would take a look at the supply side of the equation and see if there's … [Read more...]

Buying Or Selling A Home In Big Bear? 3 Critical Contingencies To Keep In Mind.

The California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) residential purchase contract (RPA) has three standard contingencies built into the contract - Loan Contingency, Appraisal and Buyer's Inspections.  Most of the problems that come up in a real estate transaction fall under these 3 contingencies. If the contract is left unchanged, the period of these three contingencies is 17 days after the deal is struck. As stated in the contract, the removal of these contingencies must be in writing with the C.A.R. form CR … [Read more...]

What Comes First, Finding A Big Bear Home Or A Big Bear Real Estate Agent?

A classic case of putting the cart before the horse. It's an easy mistake to make. With so much information available online, you might just wonder why you need a Realtor. You might be thinking, I will know a good deal when I see one. You might be thinking, Real Estate people are going to try to sell me something I don't want to buy. You might even think that the only reason you need a Realtor is to give you the price of the home and let you inside to look. You will probably end up working with the agent that … [Read more...]

Recent Sales Numbers Around the Big Bear Valley Area

We're halfway through 2009 so I figured it would be helpful to give you an update on the activity over the first two quarters of the year.  I've broken down some data for the different areas of Big Bear and here's what stands out in my opinion. Big Bear Lake Sales- 19 out of 57 buyers paid cash so far this year in Big Bear Lake.  This includes Lakefront Sales.  19 were Bank Owned (REO) properties.  Average Days on Market was 139.  Average Price per Square Foot was $241.14/ft.  As of today, there are 208 homes for … [Read more...]

Did The Listing Expire On Your Big Bear Home?

It's a tough market for sellers. If you are one of the home owners that has been on the market for over 6 months and your listing has expired (at least once), you are probably frustrated with the situation. You're probably wondering why your agent doesn't hold an open house. You might be asking about the photos on the property fliers and wondering if a better photo would have brought a buyer. You may be considering offering an additional commission to the first agent that can sell your overpriced home. You might … [Read more...]

What you Think your Home is Worth is Important, but not a Factor in Properly Pricing Your Home.

The price is set by the market. Using any other method to price your home will create failure. The price of active listings in your neighborhood may not be an indication of property values. Recent closed sales are the best comparable information to use for determining list price. I know that you may need a certain amount of proceeds from the sale. Your debt on the property may exceed the value, but neither of these scenarios will cause a buyer to pay over market price for your home. The best way to find out what … [Read more...]

Secrets to a Successful Big Bear Short Sale: Buying A Short Sale Home

Fact:  1/3 of all Short Sales do not close escrow.  There's either too many liens on a property, the bank won't accept the short sale, or the buyer backs out because they're tired of waiting on the bank to make a decision.  Below are a few things I would recommend if you're considering making an offer on a short sale home to help make the process go as smoothly as possible from the buyers' side of the transaction: 1).  Has the Short Sale been Approved by the Lender?  If the bank has already accepted the price and … [Read more...]

What’s Best? Bank Owned, Short Sale, or Traditional Seller?

Many buyer's in today's market think that the deal is more important than the house. They often get caught up in the misconception that bank owned or short sale properties are the only homes that they should look at. This would be a grave mistake. Even though it is true that the bank owned and short sale properties are driving the Big Bear Real Estate market, we are still selling many units that are listed by traditional sellers. What's best? It's best to select a home that fits your needs, is in a good location, … [Read more...]