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Neighborhood Spotlight – Big Bear City

Although it’s often confused with the City of Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City is the unincorporated township located to the east of Big Bear Lake, in the center of the Big Bear Valley. The Stanfield Marsh Bird Sanctuary borders to the west, Baldwin Lake borders the eastern edge, and the San Bernardino National Forest cradles Big Bear City to the north and south. Sub-areas include Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake, Lake Williams, and Whispering Forest According to the 2010 census, Big Bear City’s population has more than … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – The Skinny on Home Inspections

Every Big Bear real estate purchase agreement should include a provision for a home inspection. The following list covers the basic elements that a home inspector will check. You can also use this list to help you evaluate properties you’re considering for purchase. Structure: A home’s structure impacts how the property stands up to weather, gravity, and the earth. Structural components, including the foundation and the framing, should be inspected. Exterior: Big Bear weather and sunlight can be tough on homes. The … [Read more...]

Living “Green” In Big Bear

Most of us were brought up believing that our natural resources would last forever. Now try to imagine a world without blue skies, towering trees, and all the natural beauty that makes Big Bear such an amazing place to live. It’s painfully obvious now that we have squandered our resources and if we all don’t take action, many of the things that we take for granted could soon be lost. So what can one person do about it? Can one Big Bear household really make a difference? Absolutely! Conservation starts in the home … [Read more...]

Home Appraisal Tips

Home appraisals are meant to establish market value. A lowball appraisal can kill your real estate transaction. A Home Appraiser is a specialist who uses mathematical analysis to determine your home’s value (Sales Comparison Approach). This value is based on similar homes in your neighborhood. First, the value per square foot is determined and applied. Then the appraiser looks at the overall condition of the home. 1.  All appraisers are not created equal Appraisals are not fact.  Rather, they are the opinion of … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake’s Memorial Day Weekend

Now that the weather has settled down, Big Bear is switching gears for Spring and Summer. Many call this the "slow time" of Big Bear. You can't ski and you can't swim! Not to worry. Everything is being prepared and this is NOT the "slow time". In less than 2 months, official Summer starts. Here in the mountains, we take advantage of every warm day we can. We set our calendars a little differently. We watch the weather and plan ahead. Set YOUR calendar. Spring is here and Summer is coming fast! No matter what the … [Read more...]

Springtime Home Maintenance

One of the great things about living in Big Bear is the variety of weather we enjoy. In mid-April, we had over a foot of snow and temperatures were well below freezing. As I write this, just two weeks later, the temperatures are in the seventies and the snow has all but disappeared. We’re swapping our ski poles for fishing poles and everyone is happy to see warm weather again. As temperatures rise and snow melts it signals the time to start thinking about seasonal home maintenance. On average, exterior home … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – From “For Sale” to “SOLD”

When it comes to selling Big Bear real estate you have to understand the marketing process to reach the ultimate goal of a closed escrow. Here are a few crucial tips for selling your Big Bear home in today’s challenging market. Choose the right agent Choosing an experienced agent to help guide you is the most important step in the marketing and sales process. Unfortunately, there are dozens of agents that claim to be Big Bear real estate “Experts”. Working with an unqualified agent can cost you time and money. The … [Read more...]

Real Estate Tips – Vacation Home Rentals

Buying a vacation home for rental can be a great investment, especially if you have a stock heavy portfolio. According to MSN, baby boomers hold 57% of all vacation homes and about 21% have two or more vacation properties. Big Bear Lake is a great place to consider investing in vacation rental property. It’s southern California adjacent, with a small town feeling. An alpine forest surrounds the valley and the summer abounds with outdoor fun. Our well stocked lake will keep any fisherman happy. Activities range … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate – Spring Maintenance Inspection Checklist

  Big Bear winters may not be as harsh as other parts of the country but they can take their toll on your mountain home. Here are a few tips for getting your Big Bear property back in shape after the snow has melted away. Exterior Maintenance Inspection Grab a ladder and thoroughly inspect your roof for missing shingles and flashing. Pay special attention around chimneys and vents. Minor roof damage can quickly turn into major problems if left un-checked. Inspect gutters and downspouts to see that they haven't … [Read more...]

Big Bear Vacation Homes – Poised for a Comeback

Big Bear second home sales have always driven our local real estate market. With over 25 million people living within a 2 hour drive, Big Bear is a natural choice for families looking for a vacation home or investment property. Thanks to affordable prices and unlimited recreational opportunities, the local vacation rental market is one of the hottest in California. The trend for second home purchases seems to be increasing across the country. The National Association of Realtors recently published the 2012 … [Read more...]